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More Souls, This Time Dark

Big flying creatures? Check. Puny human who will be nommed? Check.

Demon's Souls was one of those games that seemingly came out of nowhere. While I recall being excited for its release, along with a handful of other people, I was surprised to see how various gamers' expressions of both frustration and delight kept coming up and greeting me with a plucky, "How do you do?"

Since last TGS, we've known From Software has been working on what they called Project Dark, which has now become Dark Souls. While it will be similar, and spiritually be a sequel, it will not pick up the story or the world of Demon's Souls. What else?

A big ol' bullet point list over at Andriasang, from which I'll cover some of the larger points--but the more dedicated should head over there. First, along with an increased difficulty, the world will be expanded and no longer discrete. Instead of popping into portals which lead to different worlds, an added focus of exploration in a seamlessly connected world will exist. This means there will be small camps, and as the bullet list notes, if you see something in the distance, you should be able to head toward it.

Among the things I loved was how they used online play: through player hints, and both gaining help and being shanked by other players (sometimes adding to the frustration of the game, truth be told). That is apparently going to continue in some regards, though the exact details of getting direct help or hindrance has not been fully outlined. World tendencies, however? Gone. There will be no servers to support such, apparently.

Now, in Japan this is being published by From Software itself, only on the PS3; it will also be published sometime in 2011. Over in other parts of the world? Namco Bandai is publishing it this time (which makes me wonder if their collector's edition will rival that of Atlus's), and it will be available on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. There was no mention of time frame for its release, however.

Seeing as I played but never finished Demon's Souls, at least now I have an extra push to pick up the disc again.


Keith said:

I watched my brother play Demon's Souls... I wasn't impressed.

Natebo said:

It's been a out a while now and I've only had it a couple a months and put over 100 hours on it and am now on NG+++
Its a great game.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Natebo on More Souls, This Time Dark: It's been a out a while now and I've only had it a couple a months and put over 100...

Keith on More Souls, This Time Dark: I watched my brother play Demon's Souls... I wasn't impressed....

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