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Nintendo 3DS Goes Live in Japan: AR Games

arcards.jpgWhile the US still has to wait until March 27 to get their hands on Nintendo's new handheld, Japanese gamers were first in line to get the Nintendo 3DS when it launched all over the country this morning. Nintendo has updated their 3DS website with helpful guides for users including sections showing off the system's instruction manual, Augmented Reality (AR) Cards, and information about future system features. Let's talk AR Cards for now, shall we?

Star Pics show off classic Nintendo characters that pop out of their respective cards when you point the system's rear-facing cameras at them. You can then take pictures of them with your camera as they pose, walk around, and show off their moves. It's a pretty simple application that mainly serves to show off the AR capabilities of the 3DS. There is also a Mii version of this game too. But there's nothing like having that loveable Kirby walking all over your laptop.

You might also notice there is a question mark card, and that is used for other AR games including a fishing game that turns your table into a pool of water and has you dipping your fishing rod into your table to catch bigger and bigger fish. Also included is Graffiti, a 3D drawing game that lets you scribble all over your real world minus the consequences of cleaning up. You can also play AR Shot, which is fun hybrid of a golf and pool game. You need to shoot a ball into a hole with a cue stick, but the terrain is warped so it adds some difficulty. The last game is Target Shooting, a game has you playing a space shooter in person. Enemies will fly around your surroundings and it's your job to shoot them down.

These games add another dimension to gaming, literally, and are included with every 3DS system. Check after the jump for a video showcasing some of these games in action.

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