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Okamiden Demo Available Now


Capcom just put a demo of their upcoming title Okamiden up on the Nintendo Channel, so if you're curious about the DS sequel to the critically-acclaimed Okami, go on and check it out. And if you're not familiar with the Nintendo Channel (as I was surprised to learn that a couple of my friends weren't), it's a Wii Channel that offers up videos of upcoming games, but also a DS Download station in your very own home. Just select the Okamiden demo (or any of the others), turn on your DS Download Play, and it will download the demo right then and there.

The Okamiden demo is naturally quite short, but it takes you through the basics of movement, controls and combat. The stylus is a natural for the Celestial Brush technique, and more accurate than waving the Wiimote around in the air, and pressing L and R pauses the game so you can whip out the stylus, draw what you need, and then put it away. Well, except in combat, where you might as well keep it tucked in your fingers while you attack a few more times before you need it again. The graphics retain the same cel-shaded style, but the smaller DS screen and the overhead view mean they're not as visually impressive. But the only real problem I had with it was moving diagonally felt and animated awkwardly pressing on the D-pad.

But if you've got a DS and a Wii, you can check it out for yourself, and see if you'll want to pick up Okamiden when it comes out on March 15 in the US (March 18 in Europe, and March 31 in Australia).

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