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Pac-Man and Galaga Dimension for Nintendo 3DS

pacm.jpgNamco Bandai are currently working on a title to be released for the Nintendo 3DS that commemorates the 30th anniversary of two of its iconic games: Pac-Man and Galaga. Two games in one, Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions will utilize the 3DS's gyroscope sensors as part of their gameplay and controls.

Pac-Man Tilt has you tilting your 3DS to rotate Pac-Man's world. The game has you helping Pac-Man reach his goal in each stage, getting power-ups and Power Pellets along the way. Tilting his world for him, you can give Pac-Man access to different platforms and you will also have the chance to transform into classic ball mode to enter small spaces and discover new routes.

Galaga 3D is a rails shooter that has you in the cockpit controlling the direction your craft spins and tumbles as you maneuver through space shooting enemies along the way. You can change your perspectives to give you different viewpoints from your ship too.

There is no specific detail on the controls for these games or whether you can play them without motion controls. No release date has been given either. Check out Famitsu for more screenshots. The last pic below shows you how you should play the game. I'm sure the game will come with a big precaution screen.


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