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Review: 3D Twist & Match

3d2.PNGIn my opinion, a good puzzle game on an iOS system should be dynamic enough to avoid being repetitive and it should be fun enough to be enjoyed anytime you play it up. I enjoy a quick puzzle game on my way to work, for example, especially if the game keeps me going back for more. Bulkypix's 3D Twist & Match is one of those games I think you will enjoy too.

Developed by Sanuk Games, 3D Twist & Match is a puzzle game that has you racing against the clock trying to match objects with the silhouettes that appear on your screen. Using your perceptive skills, you need to figure out the ideal rotation for an object so that you don't lose too much time on your clock and lose the game. Classic mode is a forgiving mode that gives you objects, one after the other, to match. Each object has a time limit, so if you take too long on one object, you will move onto the next one without receiving points for properly matching it. If you play the game's Rush mode, however, making one mistakes costs you the game. Regardless of the mode you play, matching an object correctly gets you more time added to your clock.

If you happen to rotate an object in the least amount of steps required to match its silhouette, you will begin a chain that lets you match the same object again but in a different position. If you can keep it up, you will get trophies and unlock that object to use in the game's Practice mode that lets you match objects without a time limit. This mode is great for familiarizing yourself with the object and what it looks like from different angles so that you can match them quickly especially if you are aiming for high scores in Rush mode.


The difficulty in 3D Twist & Match is figuring out what an object looks like from a different angle. When you are pressed for time, this can get hectic and you are bound to make mistakes rotating an object one way and realizing it should be facing the opposite direction. This is especially difficult for the thinner objects like jump ropes, insects, and scooters that look like they will match when you rotate them, but in fact, they don't. The controls involve either gliding your finger up, down, left, or right to flip an object or making a half circle in the direction you want it to rotate. Sometimes the game doesn't pick up your half-circles so the controls aren't perfect, but thankfully this doesn't happen too often.

That's pretty much all 3D Twist & Match offers. But each time you play it you will get different objects in different locations and silhouettes that keep it feeling fresh and different. Rush mode on Expert difficulty is hard, so it challenges you to hurry and learn how to properly rotate your objects so you can move on to the next one. The unique gameplay combined with an upbeat soundtrack help make 3D Twist & Match a fun and addicting experience. It is currently available for iPhone for only a dollar, so perhaps give it a shot.

Bulkypix provided me with a review copy of the game. I played the game over the course of a weekend on my iPhone.

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