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Sony Announces NGP-Compatible Graphics Engines, Middleware

We've all seen the previews, the tech demos, and the hardware specs of Sony's upcoming handheld. Those of us living in a perpetual state of fear also recognize the fact that the NGP could emerge as the machine that may hoist man with the petard of his own ambition. Whatever your view, Sony wants you to know that their black semi-oval of wonder will be a treat to the senses, and to that end, has dropped names like Crytek, Havok, and Epic Games (Unreal Engine) to prove that they're not kidding around. For me, the most exciting of these has to be the CryEngine. It goes without saying that Crysis was one of the most mind-bendingly gorgeous games I had ever played, and having that kind of eye-candy on the go (even in a limited form) is nothing if not impressive from a hardware standpoint.

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I'm still approaching the NGP with a healthy sense of caution, but should the system prove its worth after release, it's good to know that i'll be able to enjoy some quality gaming in a sea of beautiful, beautiful pixels. As always, I'm hoping for the best. Despite the fact that I reacted to the loss of my PSP with a crippling fit of indifference, my love of gaming prevents me from getting too far into the ridiculous, partisan gaming culture (Sony fanboys vs. Nintendo fanboys vs. Xbox fanboys) that one finds in every forum or comments section of the USS Internets. I have my opinions, and I may even rail against a certain company from time to time, but despite my gripes with the PSP I'm genuinely curious to see how this new gadget fares as time goes on. History may color one's perspective, but I'll be trying to approach the NGP with an open mind -- though not necessarily with an open wallet.

The NGP: It's like holding SkyNet in your hands.


* Blitz Games:

* Crytek:

* Epic Games:

* Terminal Reality:

* Trinigy:

* Vicious Cycle:


* Havok:

* NaturalMotion:


* Audiokinetic:

* CRI Middleware: and

* Firelight Technologies:

* RAD Game Tools:

User Interface

* AiLive:

* Scaleform:

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