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Sony Cuts You A Deal On The PSP

sony-lilac-psp.jpgHave you been waiting for that sweet spot of pricing to buy a PSP? Have you been waiting six years? If so, then your patience is about to pay off: Sony just announced they're cutting the price of the PSP by fifty bucks, down to $129.99! So now's your chance - go go go before you get the idea to wait another year!

Not only that, but they've also chosen to add some games to their 'Greatest Hits' line. This includes some classics like MGS: Peace Walker, Assassin's Creed Bloodlines, and Dissidia: Final Fantasy at the more-delicious price points of $19.99, and then FFVII: Crisis Core and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite at the downright-criminal $9.99.

This price drop puts Sony's system at the level of the Nintendo DS lite, and even drops it below that the DSi. For a portable that's always done WiFi browsing and digital distribution, that's not a bad proposition. It's also not a stretch to say that this is Sony's effort to launch a last wave of PSP faithful before the release of the NGP later in the year. Now we'll wait and see if Nintendo will respond in kind, or if they'll hold off on discounting the 2DS until closer to holidays.

These prices go in effect on February 27. Get your own!

PSP Price Cut Down to $129.99 [G4]

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