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Steam Offers Screenshots

Those little Steam critters are rather cute.

Playing a lot of games and writing about them in various places means that I often want screenshots that I take personally to accompany a said post. Therefore, it's amazed me how varied the methods are to actually capture a screenshot in game. Last week I actually signed up for the beta versions of Steam to try out its new feature: taking screenshots in any game that uses the Steam overlay.

By default you can just press F12 and voila, a screenshot is saved to your Steam community page. You can further share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit if you so desire. Of course, caring about your privacy, Steam also offers the option of making said screenshots available to yourself only.

This feature launched with the latest Steam update, but for those who may not read patch notes (I've certainly been guilty of this), this will serve as a friendly reminder. Perhaps this will serve as fuel for future contests we may have (not at all imagining capturing characters in embarrassing positions/spaces).

Further updates included making inviting friends into games more prominent, giving you the ability to search through your game library, and improving the quality of voice chatting. A full patch list is available here, or y'know, when you next restart or boot up Steam.

This only makes me wonder what else Steam has up its sleeve for further integration as a service, rather than just a digital download provider.

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