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Telltale Games Planning A "Walking Dead" Video Game - Where's My "World War Z"?

In an interview with All Things Digital, Steve Allison of Telltale Games let it slip that the company is working on a Walking Dead game to be delivered exclusively over download services. They're hoping that this will turn in to something much bigger - potentially a multimillion dollar franchise - but no more about the game was revealed than that. Nevertheless, this is more affirmation that zombie fans are living in a golden age in both the video game world and popular culture in general. Not only is there a raft of recent, awesome zombie-based video games and movies, there seems to be no end of news about amazing-sounding ones to come, including some very recent articles GayGamer has brought you.

As you (hopefully) know, The Walking Dead is a much-beloved comic series that follows a patchwork group of survivors trying to stay alive and build a new life during a zombie apocalypse. It's recently been turned in to a TV series by American channel AMC, and has received a lot of acclaim. Meanwhile, the incredible World War Z [sorry, I can't help but editorialize on this one], which reads as an oral chronicle of the ten-year Zombie War in which humans barely fended off apocalypse (no spoilers there, it's clear from the beginning) has been available in print since 2006, is being turned in to a movie starring Brad Pitt and Milo Ventimiglia (bonus gay points on the casting, guys)...but there's no word of a video game that I can find. Seriously? Am I missing something here, guys? How can it be that no game developer has ponied up the dough for a story in which...well, I'm not going to ruin anything on you, but if any World War Z fans want to salivate over what they'd like to see translated in a video game, I'll happily join you in the comments section below.

Telltale Signs That Videogames Will Be Downloaded, Not Sold at Retail [All Things Digital]
[via: IFC]
[image via: JustJared]


VorpalBunny said:

Also of note: they're working on Fables, a comic series of which I'm a fan.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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VorpalBunny on Telltale Games Planning A "Walking Dead" Video Game - Where's My "World War Z"?: Also of note: they're working on Fables, a comic series of which I'm a fan....

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