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Vacation On Dead Island Later This Year


Everything's better with zombies, right? Well, maybe not tropical island getaways. Flesh-eating undead would probably put a real damper on your vacation. Of course, it could make for a kick-ass videogame, and we'll find out for sure later this year when Deep Silver publishes Dead Island from developer Techland. Trapped on an island paradise during a mysterious zombie outbreak, you have to survive and attempt to escape to the mainland (where hopefully the same thing isn't happening, but you totally know it probably is!).

Dead Island is a FPS with a focus on melee combat, character development and weapon customization. All in a beautiful open-world tropical setting, of course! Different missions await you all over the resort, and you'll have to rely on found items to use as weapons since the real things are pretty scarce. And of course the items can be combined and upgraded to deal even more damage to the undead hordes.

In the interest of setting Dead Island apart from the other zombie titles, there's an RPG angle to the character development. Your character can learn new skills an tactics as you go. And at any time during the game, up to four players can seamlessly join together to help each other out with some co-op. (Which will be nice if you happen upon a mission that's giving you a little trouble).

Techland's all-new Chrome Engine 5 is making the island paradise and its bloodthirsty denizens look quite good, if these screenshots are from actual gameplay (with no hud, I'm always a little suspicious, but they look about right). Dead Island is due out "later this year" for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.



Shin Gallon said:

I just watched the "reverse" trailer for this on youtube, and it's the most depressing thing I've seen in awhile.
Game looks good, kinda like Left 4 dead on an island, but damn...that trailer makes you want to eat a bottle of sleeping pills : (

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Shin Gallon on Vacation On Dead Island Later This Year: I just watched the "reverse" trailer for this on youtube, and it's the most depressing thing I've seen in awhile....

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