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Video: Harmonix' Valentine To You

Are all these serious and sappy Valentine's Day messages bringing you down? Do you wish you had a videogame-related celebration that involved off-key crooning and some serious wig action? Well, wish no longer, because the fine folks at Harmonix have risen to the challenge while also announcing some DLC.

The above video is ostensibly a series of helpful messages about how to score your would-be Valentine, but it's also a campy-as-hell homage to those ancient infomercials that run through clips from a compilation or best-of album. Everything from the announcer to the cheesy still shots are in place to bring forth the bile you usually only reserve for phrases ending in "have your credit card ready."

All this revelry is especially admirable considering the recent layoffs at Harmonix, and the fact that they haven't found a publisher for their future ventures yet. Still, it's a brave move and a delightful surprise on this of all days.

For reference, here are the tracks in this "February Heartache Duets' Pack":

• Animotion -- "Obsession"
• B.o.B. (featuring Hayley Williams) -- "Airplanes"
• Bonnie Tyler -- "Total Eclipse of the Heart
• The Human League -- "Don't You Want Me"
• Lady Antebellum -- "Need You Now"
• Meat Loaf -- "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"
• Stevie Nicks -- "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around"
Each is $2, but you'll save $3 by buying the pack. See some Harmonix employees dance around in adorable drag, and then buy the music they're working on to show them the love!


Shin Gallon said:

Oh. My. GOD. Meatloaf. In Rock Band.
My life is complete.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Shin Gallon on Video: Harmonix' Valentine To You: Oh. My. GOD. Meatloaf. In Rock Band. My life is complete....

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