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Video: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Setting Sail

The Lego brand of experiences by Tt Games has probably seen more games now than anyone expected when the concept was announced. From favorite movie licenses like Star Wars to books and comics. Lego Batman set a new bar for the graphics, being built for next-gen consoles first, and Lego Harry Potter added larger environments than any seen by brick-kind. 2011 will actually see two Lego releases, and the more swishy of the two has just gotten its first trailer.

See Lego Jack Sparrow as he sails in on Port Royal in a more comical, destructible twist on the opening to Legend of the Black Pearl. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean will also be a pretty thorough experience - including the story from the first three movies and some scenes from the fourth: On Stranger Tides, which will be releasing in the same timeframe as the game.

While this precludes a quick sequel, it does mean that Lego Pirates will be quite a bit of bang for one's buck. And given the improvements to controls and graphics they've seen since the series started, it will likely be one of the most fun--if relatively easy--cooperative games in the near future. Keep a steady eye on the horizon until May, me hearties!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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