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Video: Xperia Play Superbowl Ad

I don't follow sports (at all), so I was surprised to learn of a popular annual event called "The Superbowl" that serves not only as a test of man's strength, stamina, and tactical prowess, but as a golden opportunity for companies to spend swimming pools full of money to run 60 second advertisements. Part of the tradition is that said ads aim to be as eye-catching and unique as possible -- or in the case of Sony Ericsson, ripped straight from the absinthe-soaked brain of David Lynch. There's not much in the way of gameplay -- we only see a brief montage showing a few titles in action -- but there is a back-alley surgical operation in a seedy corner of what I have decided is Chinatown. Oh yes, and the adorable "Android" mascot has had thumbs grafted onto his stubby green arms, presumably because it went over well with the focus groups. So buy an Xperia Play: enjoy the bounty of the Playstation experience, immerse yourself in the wonder of Google's Android platform, and pay no mind to the fact that your hard-earned dollars are going to provide thumbs to the soulless machines -- thumbs that will prove most useful when they decide to choke the life out of their human masters.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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