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Video/Gallery: Dragon Quest VI & Mario Sports Mix Gets Slimed

First up, I've got a lovely trailer here for Nintendo's Valentine's Day present to Dragon Quest lovers. That's right, it's the DS remake of Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation that's coming out on February 14 in the US. I have to say, the 2D sprites look really good on the 3D backgrounds, especially in motion. But do I dare pick this up with Pokémon coming out less than a month later? I'll never finish it in time, not even with my overly-long commute to and from work every day!

That's up above. Below, I've got some odd little screenshots Nintendo released of the upcoming Mario Sports Mix for the Wii, which is due out on February 7. It seems that Dragon Quest slimes are being included as playable characters in the game along with the assorted Nintendo folks. Not sure exactly how a slime plays volleyball without arms, but I've learned never to underestimate those little guys!


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