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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

So this week in Narnia wasn't as dramatic as recent others have been. Keeripes! I mean, that's not to say it wasn't without its share of drama, but there was way more good than bad, and the bad didn't even come to pass, so that's even better! Oops! Spoilers! But I promise there's more than that if you read the rest!


I'm seriously starting to lose any self-esteem that I once had. I mean, I'd only just convinced Derwin not to move away (and boy, did that take some doing!) and now Curly springs on me his decision to hit the road! Can you believe the nerve? I don't know why I bother talking to any of these people. The ones I actually talk to are the ones who decide to move. I ignore others, and they hang around forever! Anyway, at least Curly was open to being talked out of it, even if it took me a couple of tries before he relented and agreed to stick around. Can we all just stay put for a while now?


I'm going to take this as a sign that Lucy might not move away immediately after moving in, at least. Not that I'm crazy about the nickname "cupcake," but I've heard worse. Heck, some of them call me "old C," which is borderline insulting! I'm not that old!


It seems that Nintendo is going to be releasing the 12-piece set of Golden furniture once a month, because as soon as it became February, there was Pete with my fabulous new golden chair! It's not particularly comfortable, but honestly, who cares? It's solid gold! The only thing that would be better than that is if all the golden furniture was just covered in gold foil and it was actually solid milk chocolate inside! Okay, now I'm hungry!


And I leave you with this bit of stoner wisdom from Pascal. He's totally right, you know!


April said:

Tinsel-covered chocolate furniture? That's just crazy talk -- and think of the puddles when it melts away!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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