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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

I'm really feeling Freya here. I'm a little tired of winter, too. My fabulousness is fading. I mean, sure, the falling snow is pretty — much prettier than rain — but all the snow on the ground is just looking very samey-same and blah. It's still the middle of February, so it's still probably a ways to go before spring hits, but hopefully it'll be soon. I know I could check my older entries to see when the snow melted last year or the year before, but you know how lazy I am!


So last week, Nook was doing that annoying thing where he gets all insecure about his business, and asks if there's anything he could do better. I usually just tell him he's doing fine the way he is, and I like having all the variety, even if he closes earlier. But this time, I decided that I never really buy anything anymore anyway, so having the variety wasn't such a big deal. And there's been a few days recently when I found myself in town wandering around and it was so late he'd closed down, so I couldn't empty my pockets in his store. So I decided to tell him that I was looking for good balance. That way he's open a bit later, but still has a decent amount of stuff for sale.


Plus, I like the look of this store. Sure, I miss having the upstairs and all, but this just looks like a 7-11 or something. Now we'll see how long Nook lasts before he gets insecure again, and how long it is before I get bored enough to tell him to change it again. I love having that power over him! Ha! Revenge over making me his slave when I first moved to town! Take that, you greedy little raccoon!


I was passing by my bf's house and since he doesn't visit much at all anymore (he was annoyed that the townsfolk didn't share the hilarious letters he wrote them with other people, so he lost interest very quickly), I decided that I'd stop in and take care of some of the roaches that he had running around. It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. It should be him, technically, but whatever. It's kind of fun, especially watching their little ghostly roach souls float towards heaven.


I don't really ever turn down an invitation to a game of hide-and-seek, but when it's Pippy doing the asking, I'm not going to turn down anything. I need to keep my bestie as happy as possible! Sadly, it looks like Lucy wants to play, too, but no luck. Pippy only wanted Cyrano and Daisy to hide with her.


Naturally, I won. I've only lost once, and I couldn't believe that even happened! The time limit is more than generous, and it's not like they're that good at hiding. I just wish you got better prizes for your efforts than yet another gyroid. But I'll take it!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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