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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

After all the drama and excitement of the last couple weeks, I'd thought that this week would be a nice, relaxing change of pace. Well, I was mostly right!


Right at the beginning of the week, I noticed that the trees were looking a little greener under all that snow. I wasn't sure if it was just my imagination or a particularly bright sunny day, but I immediately started hoping that spring was getting ready to... um, spring.


Octavian decided that he was bored of calling me Old C, and decided to christen me with a new nickname. Personally, "boss" is way better than being called old, but the real reason I totally accepted his new nickname is because he's dangerous. I mean, look into those crazy eyes and tell me you'd defy that octopus. I dare you!


One evening, I got home from work and went to tool around town and found Derwin wandering around outside his house. He totally played it off like he was just hanging around and made small talk with me, but as soon as we said good-bye, I noticed that he made a beeline next door to lurk around outside of Pate's window. Creeper much?


Lucy revealed that she was thinking about moving away, so I asked her to stay. Not that I'm that tight with her, but I feel like we've just had too many exits lately, and I want the population to stay steady for a bit before someone else leaves. Is that too much to ask?


So yeah. That thing I said earlier in the week about hoping spring was on its way? Well, today I was pleasantly surprised to open my door and find a field of green spotted with colorful flowers. So much nicer than all that boring white! Hell, I'll even put up with all the spring rainstorms just to have some color! Woo hoo!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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