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Angry Birds To Land On Facebook This Year

angry-birds-illo.jpgIf you've been exposed to smartphone gaming at any point in the past year, you've heard the name Angry Birds. It's a timeless story about a group of colorful, unnaturally-shaped avians who find their eggs stolen by a group of nefarious, silly-looking pigs, and who must retrieve them using simple gesture-based slingshots and amusing topple physics.

In just the last few weeks, we've grown to find out how far these birds' anger reaches. What was once an iPhone game will now be taking flight on XBLA, Wii, PSN, 3DS, and--most promisingly--Facebook.

The social version of Angry Birds will no doubt be free to play with some other promising ways of making money, but the "collaborative" moniker is what piques ears the most - the developers promise "completely new aspects to it that just haven't been experienced in any other platform," even saying that "the pigs will have a more prominent role." Does this mean a long-form 'season' type experience, where gamers must push the angry birds past a worldwide goal of pigs defeated every few weeks? Or might it even include a passive PvP aspect, with 'Bird' players calculating their best totals against 'Pig' players? The possibilities are flying fast and far, but all we know about the Facebook release is that it'll be happening in the coming months.

Overall, Angry Birds is proving quite prolific, in what its handlers at Rovio are calling a "Disney 2.0" approach. With a movie tie-in version coming out for Rio soon, a TV series in the works, and the possibility of spin-off games in other genres like racing or sports... they're not being timid about their takeoff hit. At the very least, no one can accuse them of throwing all their eggs in one basket!

Angry Birds flies to Facebook later this year [Develop]

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