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GDC 2011: Be Famous in inFAMOUS 2: User Generated Content

Well I'm just getting to where I have a steady enough Internet connection to share what I learned at GDC today.

Sucker Punch, the good people behind the sneaky Sly Cooper games updated us all on the inFAMOUS 2 and the new feature they are going to be implementing into the game: user generated content.

User generated content is obviously very big right now, but the demo we saw today showed us how Sucker Punch plans to implement this feature. The user generated content will be implemented into the core game alongside the missions created by Sucker Punch. While a lot of user created content will be available, Sucker Punch plans to implement the best and most played as in game options for the player, as well as selections based on the studio's favorites they have seen being made by the community.

Sucker Punch said that users will have access to all the vehicles, props, and game types made available to them that they use in their missions and will even include special types of missions for users to create. This is very exciting and has some fresh implementations on user generated content. The user generated content seems pretty deep so it may not have that generic feel to it that is does in other games and it sounds and looks like the way it is being implemented, by what we aw in the preview today, that it will be very streamlined into the game, as said by the developer. This is a fresh take from games that either focusing completely on user generated content or games that just tack this feature on in an in game download section that fizzles out quickly in the game's lifespan. It will be interesting to see what kind of missions are created and just how creative the community can be at making great user generated missions!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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