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Fight For Relief!


What are you doing this weekend? This Sunday, to be specific? I was planning on relaxing and playing some video games. That is until I came across this.

Now I plan on relaxing and playing some video games for a good cause. A really good cause, actually. As I'm sure you're well aware, Japan has recently suffered from a devastating earthquake and tsunami that left the entire world in shock. And as we've covered here previously, the gaming community has been incredibly supportive of Ryu and Sakura's home country.

Business may be back up and running and some sense of normalcy may have returned but we can't take that as a cue to save our games and play something else for a while. Every bit of help counts, and we're nowhere near a save point just yet.

Enter, Fight For Relief; a fighting game tournament being held this Sunday to raise money for Japan's ongoing relief efforts.

From the official site:

Fight For Relief is a day of charity fighting game tournaments intended to raise funds for Japan relief efforts due to the earthquake and resulting tsunami that devastated the nation on March 11. It consists of two fighting game tournaments that will both be broadcast via a unified stream, which will also accept online donations from viewers like you.

For the first time, two of the fighting game community's premier streaming groups, iPLAYWINNER and Level | Up Series, in cooperation with Etrium Gaming District and the Fighting Gamers @ UCI, will be collaborating to broadcast an entertaining online show featuring giveaways, special guest interviews and top-level play in Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3 from the likes of EG Justin Wong, Alex Valle, John Choi and other competitive legends -- all with the intention of raising awareness and donations along the way.

All tournament proceeds and donations raised from Fight for Relief will go towards a collective fundraiser on, a website dedicated to social change and helping victims of natural disasters. More specifically, donations and proceeds will go towards a direct fund dedicated to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief efforts.

Through this event fighting game competitors and gamers alike will come together through our favorite hobby to help our fellow man in need. For more information on how to help us spread the word and maximize the impact of our donations, please visit the Connect page. If you're located near our events in Union City or Irvine, California, please read the information located on this website and come out to support this amazing cause. For everyone else, we look forward to seeing you live via on April 3!

With big name competition-level players in attendance, giveaways promised, and good old fashioned tourney fun what's not to love? And with all of the proceeds going to Japan, you can feel a true sense of accomplishment and charity as you beat down on some n00bs.

Hopefully you've been getting plenty of practice with Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 having just come out last month, though maybe you should pop in Super Street Fighter 4 for a quick refresher. Those hadoukens won't fire themselves, and the console version doesn't have streamlined tap controls.

And whether you attend or just watch from home, be sure to donate and share this info with everyone you know. Fight For Relief's connect page has everything you need to properly get the word out.

Once you've done all of that, you can continue to show your support for Japan in small non-monetary gaming ways like switching your desktop to one of these two lovely relief wallpapers that Capcom and Namco have created, one of which is included at the top of this post.

The fight for relief continues, and thanks to aptly titled events like Fight For Relief we can all show our support by doing what we're best at: Gaming. And sitting around watching videos online.


Dickie said:

Ryu and Honda are mighty close in that picture... I'm kinda digging it.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Dickie on Fight For Relief!: Ryu and Honda are mighty close in that picture... I'm kinda digging it....

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