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Gallery: First Shots Arrive of Mass Effect 2's Next DLC

It's been hinted at in various forms, and even named via a PSN update, but the next DLC for Mass Effect 2 is officially being unveiled a bit at a time through BioWare's Facebook page. The relevant updates started earlier this week and consist only of screenshots, but those have been coming steadily, even after the usual 'reach a fan milestone!' challenge was handily defeated by 750,000 Commander Shepards.

Gamers who plucked a copy of Dragon Age 2 from the Fade last week got an unexpected message with it: a flier with the words "The Arrival is coming" and an N7 logo. Between that and the slightly spoilery PS3 achievements, it's an easy thing to deduce the name of this DLC pack. Based on where the ME3 trailer starts, it seems natural we'll be witnessing the Arrival of the Reapers into Citadel space for their semi-aeonnal harvesting of organic life. It's like an autumn festival, but with people!

So without further ado, check out some of the locales and ME-relays that make up the first official look at the Arrival!


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