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GayGamer Week In Review - Week Of 2/21/2011


  • Check out our list of articles straight from GDC, including information about the next Mario game for the 3DS and new features for Resistance 3.

  • Reviews: After a significant patch, VorpalBunny felt all right passing judgment on Magicka, while Purplexir took on 3D Twist and Match for the iPhone and Pokemon Black and White.

  • Help increase visibility for gays in (older) games by voting up his list of gay-inclusive games on

  • Wootini had some Kinect complaints in this week's video podcast.

  • Meanwhile SuperSwede tried out Microsoft's motion gaming system for the first time.

  • This week's featured Pokemon were the Unova starters: Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott.

  • After a recent denial, Atlus turned around and announced that they were bringing Catherine to North America this summer.

  • This month's interview with a gamer (Part 1, Part 2) featured Daniel, a gay gamer from Norway.

  • Counting down to the release of Dragon Age II, VorpalBunny featured some of the first game's queer characters: Dwarves Hespith and Branka, Shopkeepers Herren and Wade, and bisexual party member Leliana.

  • Wootini helped out a cat with no face, even though it looked like something out of Silent Hill, in this week's Animal Crossing diary.

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