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GDC 2011: Magicka Vietnam Details Emerge

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As Vorpalbunny pointed out in his review earlier today, Magicka is getting a DLC expansion soon with the bizarrely themed Magicka Vietnam. Today at GDC I had the chance to sit down with Arrowhead CEO and Game Director Johan Pilestedt to find out how this expansion came to be, and what it will entail.

Magicka Vietnam began as a bit of a joke for the developers. Battlefield Vietnam had just been announced, and an M16 had been implemented into Magicka, and thus the odd combination of magical parody and gruesome war were born. Just as Magicka isn't a serious take on fantasy worlds, the Vietnam expansion parodies popular media portrayal of Vietnam as "all rock and roll and napalm."

Magicka Vietnam will consist of a single mission, tasking players with guiding mages through jungles to rescue POWs and bring them to an extraction point. 10 new weapons will be introduced, including machine guns and RPGs. In addition to the new weapons, the new Patriot Staff will be added, with the special ability to throw liberty grenades at your foes. Those liberty grenades will come in very handy too, as enemies will hide behind destructible cover as an homage to the classic game Cannon Fodder. And of course, it wouldn't be Vietnam without the aforementioned napalm, which will be a new magic you can cast to spread fire like never before.

There is no price set for the Magicka Vietnam DLC, but Pilestadt said he hopes it will be on the lower end of the spectrum, likely in the $2-3 range if I had to take a guess. Also according to Pilestedt, gamers can expect more expansions of this nature in the future, though he refused to give any details as to what new settings and scenarios we can expect to see. Who knows, Magicka: In Space might not be far off.

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