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GDC 2011: New And Returning Features Touted For Resistance 3

I had the great opportunity to attend a Sony event that showcased the latest title in the Resistance fps series. Resistance 3 is looking very nice and getting a chance to play with the updated multiplayer mode was a fun experience at the event.

Resistance 3 has some great features that have been added as well as bringing back some that were missing in 2. What stuck out to me was the return of the weapon wheel from the original game, that went missing in the second title as well as co-op multiplayer.

The event highlighted what the developer was dubbing, "choice based" shooting, and this is a very evident theme, especially in the multiplayer component. Probably my favorite aspect of the multiplayer, which will be 8 versus 8 max, is the abilities you are able to use in the game. These abilities are passive or active, active abilities are iniated with the D-Pad and the passive abilities are various stat buffs. The multiplayer also contains berserks for those who obtain killing streaks rewarding players for moments of great skill. The emphasis on in depth customization will allow players to tailor the game to their play style and allow them to also explore and master new play styles, after this event, I for one am very excited to see the final build of this title!

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