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Look Ma, GlaDOS & Friends Are On The Talkin' Box!

Valve recently revealed to MCV that they would be creating all the advertising for Portal 2, and soon after, treated us denizens of the U.S.S. Internets (as well as the television viewing audience) to the game's first TV spot. The move seems to have been born out of frustration with the advertising industry, as Valve's Doug Lombardi, VP of marketing, explained to MCV. "We've had many creative kick-off meetings with agencies over the years, and you'd be shocked by the treatments that have come back. Copycat treatments. Cliché treatments. Treatments that reveal the agency wasn't listening in the initial meeting."

Valve seems more than capable of handling the task -- the video is 31 seconds of Pixar-esque adorable -- and it goes without saying that if there's anyone who can capture the unique charm of the Portal series, it's Valve own little worker elves. It will be interesting to see how Portal 2 shapes up. The original was one of those games that I thought should never have a sequel, on the grounds that it's inherent quirkiness would be dashed were it to evolve into a proper franchise, but the addition of Stephen Merchant has helped to sweeten the deal for me -- being a massive British comedy geek, I am powerless to resist.

Video via Joystiq


That's a sweet commercial!

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