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Minecraft Monday - The Awards Edition


It's been a light news week for Minecraft fans, but the game received some heavy respect from the gaming community. The little game that could won two awards from the Independent Game Festival, the Grand Prize and the Audience Award. Later in the day, it picked up three Game Developers Choice Awards at GDC, Best Downloadable, Best Debut (beating out Super Meat Boy), and the Innovation award (beating out Heavy Rain and Dance Central). Not bad for a game with throw-back graphics developed by a handful of people.

That's not the only Minecraft-related news from GDC, however. As PC World explains, the game's developer went on record with his belief that piracy is not "theft", per se:

There's nothing new about Minecraft creator Markus Persson's Game Developers Conference startling comment that "piracy is not theft." It's just a decontextualized version of the decades-old notion that "the advent of digital eliminates the copy."

Persson argues that "if you steal a car, the original is lost," but that "if you copy a game, there are simply more of them in the world."


In a digital world, every copy is "the original."

It is interesting to hear this argument from a game developer, as it is not something one would expect to hear from the mouthpieces of bigger firms. Regardless, Persson has definitely stirred up the pot with that statement.

As always, we're happy to have submission from our readers. Minecraft creations, art, screenshots, and queer-friendly servers can be submitted here, if you'd like to see them on the site. This author has found himself on a queer-friendly server through our forums, so depending on what the other players think you may see features on GayGamers in Minecraft in the coming weeks.

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