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Minecraft Mond...errr...Tuesday! The Bed/Celebrities Immolating Their Fans Edition


Why "The Bed Edition"? No, not because that's where I would desperately love to be right now, but because it's the newest game-changing addition to the Minecraft world.

That's right, Minecraft has now hit Beta 1.3, and with that came a whole slough of additions and changes. Chiefly among them are beds. "What's the big deal with beds?" you ask? Well, they're not just fancy decorations like bookshelves. No, no. They have a purpose. Follow us after the jump to find out more about updates, and for a round-up of Minecraft-related stuff from around the internet.

But before we delve in to business, GayGamer is putting another call out to our Minecraft-obsessed readers. We're always happy to feature content from our readers - whether it be awesome stuff you've built, a great multiplayer server you're running, or whatever. In fact, I know a lot of people out there are looking for queer/trans-friendly servers, so if you run one (or know someone who runs one) we'd be more than happy to feature it!

On to Minecraft news, after the jump.

So why am I showing off my fancy, precipitously-placed single bed? Because, good friends, it lets you sleep. That's right. You can now skip nights. Right-click on your bed, and you'll experience a sleepy-time fade out, only to wake up with the sun cresting the hills. This lets you skip a long chunk of darkness and running from mobs, as long as you place your bed in a protected area. Nasty mobs can wake you up (trust me), so don't try placing your bed in a cave just to escape mobs after night falls. Nevertheless, once you get back to your sanctuary, you can conveniently skip all that time when the monsters rule the Earth. Nice.


But how does it work in multiplayer? To fast-forward to sunrise, everyone active at the time has to get in to bed - and not all in to the same bed. There's no nooky allowed in Minecraft - one person to a bed at a time. Thankfully, they're not hard to build; to craft a bed, all you need to do is place three wool blocks over three wooden planks in your crafting table. Easy as pie.

Other big news are repeaters, for all you redstone lovers (building delays in to circuits is now much easier), and a big change in the lighting engine. Check out the shot on the right for a comparison of the old and the new. The newer engine is much smoother, and can be toggled as part of the new video settings sub-menu in options.

In other Minecraft-related news, as GayGamer recently reported, Minecraft is coming to portable devices near you. It may not be the entire game, but it's unlikely Mojang will seriously nerf the title. Also, big-shot DJ and music producer Deadmau5 (if you haven't heard of him, check out "Ghosts n' Stuff". Awesome) has reportedly taken to luring his fans in to playing multiplayer with him...only to burn them to death in pools of lava.

"I don't know, it's just addicting as hell, I like sandbox-type games where you kinda got a community thing and it's a good way to engage my fans.

"Bring 'em all into one place and then burn them with lava."

Check out a video of the man himself incinerating his fans below.

As always, if you have any clips, news, buildings, or anything else Minecraft-related that you'd like us to feature, send me an email with the word "Minecraft" in the title. And don't forget to give us your comments below.


Mark said:

I'm so hooked on Minecraft right now. Just started playing on a server with some of my friends and it's way better than playing alone. There always seems to be something new someone has built every time I connect.

The beds are a great addition, especially when you just want to get some building done and the day doesn't seem long enough.

Has anyone else noticed the slimes are back too? I've been seeing a lot of them in the deeper dungeons. It's actually getting a bit annoying as they don't seem to drown in lava/water like the used to.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Mark on Minecraft Mond...errr...Tuesday! The Bed/Celebrities Immolating Their Fans Edition: I'm so hooked on Minecraft right now. Just started playing on a server with some of my friends and it's...

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