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Nerd World Problems: Who's Your Dragon Age II Hawke?


By now I'm sure most of you have settled on the most important question you'll answer today - which Pokemon starter to pick - but I'm looking ahead to Tuesday. That's when Bioware's Dragon Age II hits stores, and even with a couple of times through the demo, I'm still not sure which Hawke I'm going to play.

First, gender. My first instinct was to go with a HeHawke, but I enjoyed my demo run with SheHawke. Maybe it's the pixie cut, or just my thing for kick-ass ladies. After all, I wouldn't trade my Cdr. Tallulah Shepard in Mass Effect for anything. On the other hand, with if I pick a male I can play a big, gay Hawke, plus I appreciate that the man can grow a respectable beard.

As for class, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go for warrior. It's my usual pick - I prefer to be in the middle of the action than the edges. Plus, most of the DLC weapons and armor they're giving out ahead of the game seem to be designed for warriors. Being a mage seems fun, though, but I'll probably save that for another playthrough. For some reason, I rarely consider being a rogue; I think I have a pathological aversion to bows.

For those of you getting the game this week, have you decided which Hawke you're going to play? My decision may come down to seeing what I can come up with in the character creator - I'd hate to have to go through 40 hours with a fugly Hawke, male or female.


sofreshsodarryl said:

My Hawke will probably be a gay mage healer. At first glance I'm not sure if he will participate in any of the romances. The hottest character is Hawke's brother Carver and that is kinda weird plus he isn't romanceable anyway. :-P

Pabasa said:

I've never played a warrior to finish in DAO (heck I only played a warrior until Ostagar, just to get the achievements), so for the first run-through I'm forcing myself to go tank-sheHawke. Aveline never appealed to me, so there's that. And I plan on making my FemHawke custom.

Second playthrough, on hard or nightmare, depends on how tough or easy it's going to be, will be with my intended MageHawke, male, who will be romancing Anders.

Eric said:

What kind of a question...? Why would the gay community be infected by the fake femme syndrom? I have no interest in playing a female character, especially not when the male character can be officially gay. Then again I'm not bicurios, I really am 100% gay and I never felt the need to worship 'strong' female celebrities/characters.

Kenny said:

I've already got the appearance of my first character planned out thanks to that mod that unlocks the character creator in the demo.

He'll be a sword and shield warrior and will probably pursue Fenris.

Anders is certainly appealing, but I think a mage would be a better match.

Limeade said:

If I were playing, I would only play custom Hawkes. While I like that the team came up with an official Lady Hawke face (unlike Jane Shepard, who gets no unique facemorph like Vanderloo John Shepard), I rather play my *own* characters that I tailor to my preferences than something that is iconic and acts as a figurehead for marketing.

A Warrior/Anders and Rogue/Fenris matchup would be likely.

Thorne said:

I am still hoping against hope for a gay male character option.

Kenny said:

Unless you mean exclusively gay, all of the love interests except Sebastian are bisexual.

VorpalBunny said:

Eric, I imagine a lot of us just want to role play as something different. There are so few actually interesting female protagonists, and BioWare's been treating them quite well for some time.

That said...

As has been mentioned, the whole having the choice of either Anders/Fenris, means my first two playthroughs will likely be gay/bi men.

Definitely will be going as a custom broHawke mage first, though. Going for some hot mage on mage action.

Ponk said:

I'll be playing as a gay male Hawke, and honestly I am leaning towards rogue. In DA:O I didn't enjoy rogue, partly for the craptacular bow skills, but after playing the DA2 demo I've been swayed. They're like frickin' ninjas! Super fast and that smoke-bomb-then-appear-behind-you-and-slash-your-throat move really tipped the scale.

I was going to play Warrior, mainly because after trying to play a mage in DA:O I ended up just playing as Alistair the whole game. Warrior in DA2 was cool, but the speed of the Rogue makes me happyface. Also, not having to lug around another character for their lockpick skill will be nice.

In terms of romance, have we heard at all who the straight/gay/bi romances are? @Kenny, you say they're all bisexual but I haven't seen this anywhere. Can you provide a source?

For preference I'd like to be able to romance Anders. Because two gay dudes and a pet cat? That sounds like love to me.

Kenny said:

The game was leaked.

Fenris and Anders being bi was confirmed by a member of the Bioware forums (with a review copy) here:

There have been multiple live streams showing flirting between both of them with a male Hawke.

There are screenshots of Merrill and a female Hawke, but I haven't seen any footage confirming it.

Sebastian is apparently the only straight option.

Gamescook said:

The ESRB said as much that there were "same-sex" goings ons (or downs) in the game alongside "male-female" happenings. If there weren't gay options, they would have noted "female-female" in those words. And hey, the Dragon Age franchise started with the gay option, unlike Mass Effect, so they probably aren't going to regress on that front.

bryce said:

I haven't decided on what gender to choose yet, but does it bum anyone else out that varric can't be romanced? He's such a cute little dwarven cub ;3;

Ponk said:


You have no idea how excited I am right now. ANDERS YOU WILL BE MINE.

I know this is probably intended to be an equal-opportunity action - everyone can love everyone - but it almost seems... Lazy? That's from the point of view of not having experienced it yet, obviously, but having a 'free-for-all' romance menu means we're less likely to see a well-developed gay or lesbian character. Likewise, less chance of well-developed straight male or female party members (barring Sebastian it seems).

It'll be interesting to see how it pans out, either way.

VorpalBunny said:

@Ponk, while paying attention to those forums, I have come across a few spoilers. Suffice it to say, if they are true, I would call what they've done with this particular game anything but lazy. Especially as David Gaider has said multiple times (and in comment sections here) that a strictly gay romance would likely not happen because it would be hard to argue for such in a budget of resources.

That may change with time, but for now that's where we stand.

Also, for gay and lesbian characters? We may not see a fully developed romance as such, but Dragon Age seems to be doing a pretty good job at including a range of gay, lesbian, and bi characters in the game so far (and in the novels, I should add).

Ponk said:

@VorpalBunny I don't really keep up with the forums myself, so I probably am a little bit behind on this info... I have seen bits and pieces and I understand their arguments for gay/lesbian-specific content not being effective and efficient use of resources. I'm just getting started on reading the novels now, so I look forward to that... I had heard of Gaider's inclusion of our kind of people :D

And I agree, there has been good representation in the DA universe for more varied gay/lesbian characters, as addressed in the GayGamer articles over the past week. I did enjoy the little moments like Wade and Herren, but a little part of me can't help but selfishly want a purely gay party member. Not gonna happen this time around it seems, but I cross my fingers for the future!

Zell said:

I can confirm, after looking at some of the characters created by the hacked demo, that you can indeed make extremely hot examples of both sexes, but particularly males this time. Which is good, because the character creator in Origins (and Mass Effect, for that matter) often led to pretty generic-looking guys. Maybe I just don't have the knack of it, though.

So to answer the question, gay male Hawke for my first playthrough, still trying to decide if I want a mage or an archer, though.

Nexus said:

Just made a mini-rant over at the Bioware forums about Sebastian.
Always the guys I want to romance that are made straight. *sigh*
Really disappointed in David Gaider. Especially since I thought they had learned a lesson with all this talk about all the other LIs being bi.

Anyway, back on topic, I'm going to make a male Hawke.
I always play male. Never found the need or the desire to play as a woman.
I'm still not sure on class. I generally prefer warriors, but with two warriors in the first game, I might just go mage in this one.
As for looks, I might go for default Hawke. Never normally go for facial hair, but default Hawke pulls it off immensely well. I'll have to see what I can make with the character creator first though.

Pacs R Us said:

@ Erik: wow, ur reply came off as so unnecessarily bitchy and close-minded. Saying that a gay man appreciates strong lead females because they are bicurious is a stretch.

Anyway... *clears throat*
Im torn between making my own Hawke and using the default Hawke just cuz default Hawke is so good looking. lol I like to make my in game avatar look like me as much as humanly possible so we'll see what I can come up with. Also Im very much into doing things that are "canon" when it comes to games like this (even tho yes i know Bioware has already said that there is no canon choices in Dragon Age) so I will probably see what I can come with with the character creator on my first playthrough, play as a female on my 2nd playthrough and then play as default!Hawke on my third playthrough which is usually the one i carry over into subsequent DLCs and games anyway.

Casey said:

Do we know if they both can end in a committed relationship?

Justyn said:

If I can't come up with anything cute enough in the character creator for manhawke, then Its straight to FemHawke for me

Justyn said:

If I have choice but to be a big and burly manhawke, then I'm playing a girl

CJ said:

Male rogue romancing Anders first time through -- no question.

@Zell -- character creator DA:O, you don't have to end up generic. Check out my elf boy & tell me he's not sexy ;-)

I think Zev is still pining…

Sanctun said:

Oh my, what passion.
Although i played all the sorts in DAO (male, female, and all classes) My standard character is almost always the same, as far as i can change their looks: Mage, male gay(if possible, wich does not happen often, sadly) fire haired, turquioise eyes, side scuffs with sideburns. Evil-ironic... and well... so on.
it looks like most of guys arround does not like rouges. well... for me, they are like mages that open chests, really, but without wearing magika! wich makes them... a little boring. But i recognize how useful they are. Most of the cool itens are locked into nody chests.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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