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GDC 2011: New Mario for 3DS and Netflix Support

Nintendo's Iwata and Reggie kept us very happy today during the GDC keynote. They highlighted some great things that I want to share with you all today in case you missed it!

Super Mario for 3DS was shown. It looked like a 3D Mario title but it had a more classic, Mario 3 style look to it, with the newer beautiful 3D styles we've become familiar with. The logo also had the racoon tail on it, implying that this classic powerup will be making a triumphant return. Also noted, it appears that Mario becomes small again when hit, as well as possibly hatless.

Nintendo confirmed that the 3DS will have support for Netflix's streaming service, as well has movie trailers in 3D, as well as a future feature on 3DS for exclusive video content. Future capabilities to record 3D video that had been mentioned before on Iwata Asks.

Zelda Skyward Sword was also shown and it looked great. The short trailer showed off some of the precise sword movements and showed users needing to slash the sword in certain directions for various tasks. Also mentioned was that we could expect some products based around the 25th anniversary of the series.

Nintendo mentioned that they want to improve their use of digital downloads, and admitted weaknesses in this area and praised competitors for their efforts in online social networking with gaming. 3DS was confirmed to have Game Gear and Turbografx-16 games to its Virtual Console in the future. Very exciting news!


kanasaurs said:

I hate so much to say it, but I've never been less excited about a new Zelda game before.

The Zelda series has always, always been my favourite, and I've never not been excited for or enjoyed a game, but this one just looks so... off. The colours all look so washed out, and the art style is so bizarre, it feels like comparing the Chocobo games to mainstream FF titles. I just don't know.
Wind Waker had such an edge, was so consistent and so committed to the look, and it was phenomenal. The screens and video I've seen of Skyward Sword just look so mediocre, I can't put my finger exactly on what's off about them, but it just looks really.. I don't know.
Having said that though, the desert environment in this new trailer looks quite beautiful. Perhaps it's just the dungeon environments I'm underwhelmed by.

I hope I have nothing to worry about, and I want to have faith that everything's going to be okay.

At the same time, I know I'm never going to get another Majora's Mask, am I? Such a shame.

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kanasaurs on GDC 2011: New Mario for 3DS and Netflix Support: I hate so much to say it, but I've never been less excited about a new Zelda game before. The...

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