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Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions Comes With Pac-Man DX


Now that the 3DS has launched, with its own flurry of titles both good and bad, it's time for the inevitable wait for the next big wave of games. It is nice of Nintendo to measure out their launch lineup so as to prevent a drought of stuff to play in the first year, but now the 3DS gaming populace are eager for a few good games to that coax us with the indelible shininess of a 'killer app.' For Nintendo fans, the obvious answer is Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but for those of us with a tendency toward classic arcades, Namco's Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions is looking better and better.

The core game, as has been announced, will feature the 3DS' gyroscope functions, letting players guide Pac-Man through a world of platforms as well as firing upon Galaga ships via Face Raiders-esque motions. However, recent info from Famitsu has revealed that there's more to this collection than just the motion-enhanced versions. Gamers will also get to play the recent remakes, Pac-Man: Championship Edition and Galaga Legions. Both were featured on downloadable platforms and had gameplay matching the original arcade titles, but with massive graphical enhancements and updated gameplay features for fun's sake.

Personally, the addition of Pac-Man DX is biggest factor for a purchase of this title - I've poured long hours into both modern remakes on XBLA, eager to set high scores and top the leaderboards with eager reflexes and techno-infused arcade skills. The only reservation I have on a reservation is that I'm not sure if they're including the recent Pac-Man: CE DX or just the 'CE' version. The latter added the dozens of mazes, ghost combo challenges, and online leaderboards with rankings based on world percentile--whereas the former was content with only one maze and a few modes, making it to widescreen and including only basic online support.

In any case, this now looks to be an even more solid package for fans of Pac-Man and Galaga, whether they're looking for something old or something new. The collection comes out on June 23, so get your wakka on!


Shin Gallon said:

Sounds cool, I may have to give that collection a shot. I wanted Pacman: CE DX but never got around to buying it, this may be the excuse I need to pick it up (provided it is the DX version).

How cool – a vintage galaga t-shirt! Neat!!

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Brittaney Bashore on Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions Comes With Pac-Man DX: How cool – a vintage galaga t-shirt! Neat!!...

Shin Gallon on Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions Comes With Pac-Man DX: Sounds cool, I may have to give that collection a shot. I wanted Pacman: CE DX but never got around...

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