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PAX East 11: Child of Eden Impressions

childofeden.jpgI had my first experience with the Kinect at PAX East this weekend. And let me tell you, it was a blast. Just the other day Wootini made an article discussing the success of Kinect sales despite a lack of titles. Where are the games exactly? Hopefully they're coming soon, and PAX East totally showcased some good ones.

The first game I played was Ubisoft's upcoming Child of Eden, a hybrid rhythm action game that was very "out there." If you've played the shooting game Rez, you'll fit right in. Using your arm, you move a cursor around the screen while the game gives you rail-shooter experience, taking you through an ocean of colors and bright lights that can either hurt you or give you health. When you push your arm or hand forward, the cursor shoots these enemies and gives you points and create a beat - think an action version of Electroplankton. The more you shoot in succession, the quicker the tempo you make and the more the music speeds up. I felt like a DJ at one point honestly, since I was basically scratching the air to get more points.

My demo went a little over 10 minutes, but in that span of time, I made it to the of the level and had to defeat a very interesting boss. At first, it looked like a crystal with a ball in the middle, and then after it was destroyed, it transformed into a cybernetic blossom with the image of a Japanese woman superimposed on its petals. I had to shoot the different petals to open it up and shower the screen with congratulatory sparkles. It was a very fun experience and very easy to play. Of course, the first two minutes involved me getting used to playing a Kinect game. But after I sorted out through the basics, I really got into it. It's a good workout for your forearms too!

Child of Eden comes out in the US on June 14. That should give me plenty of time to get myself a Kinect.

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