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PAX East 11: Cosplay Gallery


A lot of other videogame websites like to post galleries of booth babes and cosplay fangirls following a big convention, but I prefer to showcase the male talent on display. Unfortunately, my E3 galleries tend to be on the small side because companies tend not to employ too many booth boys. It's all about the boobies.

But because PAX East is a fan convention, there were tons of folks wandering around in costumes from games, TV and film. So this gallery is much fuller. And my thanks to NaviFairy for contributing the pics he took. I will apologize for the ones that are slightly out of focus. I never want to impose on them, so I usually only take one shot, and I what looks okay on the tiny screen sometimes doesn't end up good on the computer. But UmJammer Lammy was so cool that I had to include her even as out of focus as she was. That's right, there's girls in here, too! I may focus on the guys, but I can still be inclusive!

The main image on the right here is Scott, who awesomely created this Fallout costume complete with PIP-boy. He had his iPhone inside to function as the screen, and the little lights even lit up! But do you know what was even more impressive than his costume? He also wore it to our meetup at Fritz! (Can't imagine what the non gay gamers at the bar must have thought!) But runner up for favorite costume is probably Bubble Bobble's Bub and Bob, who had little bubble guns to complete the effect!




Mikey said:

lol That Chris Redfield would have been better as a Barry. Just sayin'...

Game-Boy said:

Bub and Bob are my favorites hands down! Those hoodies are rad!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Game-Boy on PAX East 11: Cosplay Gallery: Bub and Bob are my favorites hands down! Those hoodies are rad!...

Mikey on PAX East 11: Cosplay Gallery: lol That Chris Redfield would have been better as a Barry. Just sayin'......

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