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Play DC Universe Online Without Ever Leaving Your Home


Now you can play Sony Online Entertainment's popular MMO DC Universe Online without setting foot in the outside world. Well, I mean, you could always play inside (it would be hard to rig up a portable PS3), but now you can even buy it without trekking down to your local game shop. That's right, DCUO is now available directly through the PlayStation Network. In North America, anyway.

"DC Universe Online is our fastest-selling game of all time and we're thrilled to offer the game digitally to an even larger audience of console gamers through the PlayStation Network," said Chris Cao, Game Director of DCUO. "Gamers can now step into the DC Universe from the comfort of their own homes to fully enjoy the potential of their PlayStation 3."

The game will still cost you $59.99, though. And that includes 30 days of free play, after which it's $14.99 a month or $77.99 for six months or $134.99 for a full year. Cripes. When you lay it out like that, it's no wonder I've never gotten into MMOs.

It used to be that modern games were simply too large to make downloading and storing of them feasible, but nowadays it seems like with high-speed internet and giant hard drives, everything's downloadable. My question is why Sony didn't just make it downloadable from day one. Why not let everyone enjoy the convenience right from the start?


cerberus635 said:

Has also been on steam since day one for the PCers who never leave the basement =)

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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cerberus635 on Play DC Universe Online Without Ever Leaving Your Home: Has also been on steam since day one for the PCers who never leave the basement =)...

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