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Playstation Plus Annual Subscribers Get Red Faction: Battlegrounds For Free


If you're a PS3 owner who hasn't seen the benefit of upgrading to a Plus membership, or if you're someone who's been poking along with three month renewals, Sony might trying their best to get you to pony up for a full year of service. Yesterday Sony sent out a message to some PSN members, telling them that if they grabbed a 12 month subscription before March 25th, they'll get a free copy of Red Faction: Battlegrounds once the game releases on April 5th. And this isn't "free" like most of the other Playstation Plus bonuses, which disappear once the subscription ends - this one's for keeps.

Also right now, Sony's tossing in 3 months for free with a 12 month membership, meaning you'd be set until just about July 2012. If you're interested, you may want to check whatever email address you used to sign up for PSN to see if you were selected for the offer. It's not clear if current PS+ annual subscribers will be given the same voucher for Battlegrounds once the game hits the digital marketplace, so if you fall into that category you may want to keep an eye open.

Red Factions: Battlegrounds is a top down, vehicular combat game, spun off from the first three titles in the series - it looks like fans of Twisted Metal might want to take a look at this one. The game will cost about $9.99/800 points on PSN and XBLA when it releases next month, assuming you don't take advantage of this deal.

Red Faction: Battlegrounds coming April 5 for $10, distributed free as PS Plus incentive [Joystiq}

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