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Prey 2 "Heavily Inspired" By Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect


In a cover story for German magazine Game Reactor, the Human Head spilled some details on next year's Prey 2, and some of them are pretty unexpected. They confirmed that the game will star abducted sheriff and prison guard Kilian Samuels, who gets brought to an alien world and somehow starts taking on jobs as a bounty hunter. That's a pretty good coping mechanism. As far as gameplay, the world is open, with you traveling around, taking on missions and completing them however you see best. As for the gameplay itself, the team mentions a whole host of games they took inspiration from, but the most surprising is Mirror's Edge, with parkour sequences where you have to outrun alien pursuers by climbing. The world itself is inspired by Mass Effect, while the shooting and cover mechanics are compared to Killzone 2. To me, it sounds quite a bit like Far Cry 2, with a bit less malaria and social consciousness.

For more technical details, the lead platform is the Xbox 360, which I'm sure is delighting internet forum dwellers as we speak, although it is also coming to PC and PS3. The graphics are good but not "jaw-dropping," which is pretty par for the course for multiplatform games these days. There won't be any Kintect or Move support, and they're not doing anything with 3D. There's no multiplayer planned, however there will be DLC.

Prey 2 is due out in 2012. Despite the big changes from the first game, these basic details make the game sound like it could be fun. It could also be a weird monster hybrid of genres that clash, but let's stick with fun for now. For more details check out the link below.

Prey 2 Details [NeoGAF]

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