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Prey 2 Revealed On Cover Of French Game Magazine


It had been floating around out there in the ether for a while, but it looks like next month might bring some real details on Prey 2, the sequel to the 2006 shooter, as the cover for French magazine Joystick shows. That game had you taking on alien invaders using amazing native american powers. And guns, which is kind of ironic if you think about it. While five years might seem like a long time to go without a sequel these days, the original game had been in development for about 11 years, so this one is practically moving at light speed.

The cover doesn't really reveal anything, so we'll have to wait until they're ready to talk about the game to know exactly what's up. The rights for the series have moved from 2K to Bethesda, but the game was originally developed by Human Head Studios for 3D Realms, and we haven't heard a peep out of them for a while. The French magazine is set for release next month, so I imagine they'll also be giving some details to English speaking press around the same time.

Nobody was expecting it, but that's going to change! [EvilAvatar]
[via vg247]

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