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Prey 2 To Be Released In 2012


As Dawdle noted over the weekend, Prey 2 got its first blurb on the cover of Joystick, a French gaming magazine. In the interim we've been treated to a press release, divulging a few new details about the upcoming title. The game will be developed by Human Head, the studio that created the original Prey. It will also be using id's Tech engine -- presumably id5, which is providing the gorgeous visuals for Rage -- and will be available on PS3, Xbox 360, and Games for Windows.

Prey will always have a special place in my heart as a game that taught me that Native Americans are not only made of magic, but are our only hope against the alien menace. I kid of course, and what little I managed to play before the untimely "death by cat" fate of my laptop gave me the impression that the game's treatment of the protagonist, Tommy, was rather respectable. It also helped that, making a radical break from gaming and film conventions, it featured a Native American born after the 19th century. Yes, it had that sigh inducing "Spirit Walk" mechanic, but all things considered, that's a rather minor slight -- let's face it, any Native American character who is cast as neither an alcoholic nor a "savage" (noble or otherwise) is a step forward -- and I found it to be a welcome addition that helped to break up the old "kill, kill, kill" formula. All in all, i'm rather excited to see more of Prey 2. I loved the art style, and the general gameplay held my interest throughout my time with the game. More details are coming soon; according to the press release, "Further details on the game will be revealed in the May issues of Official Xbox Magazine and PlayStation: The Official Magazine, as well as in magazines throughout Europe." In the meantime, be sure to checkout the Prey 2 facebook page!

via Joystiq

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