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Sony Cuts Price Of PSP Go, Subsequently Reneges


It came largely with a collective sigh of indifference, but it left this world with a collective "wtf?": The latest enticement for prospective PSP Go owners. After briefly dropping to what an especially pitiful marketing major would describe as a "recession-friendly price" of $150, the handheld has jumped back to its previous $200 mark. Engadget notes that Sony has made the amusingly Soviet move of removing any references to the momentary cut, thus tossing it down the memory hole (nerd points to anyone who gets the reference) forever.

This is one of those instances in which company logic flies bravely in the face of common prole logic. A fifty dollar price cut for the PSP Go would make tremendous sense - the PSP-3000's price drop having brought the system down to a rather attractive $130, one would expect the Go to follow suit - especially given that it, by all accounts, has had a reception that could be aptly described as "massively underwhelming." Even with all its faults, one might justify spending an extra twenty dollars for the PSP Go's 16 gigabyte internal hard drive, but a seventy dollar price gap between the two systems is positively baffling. The monetary benefit of keeping the current $200 price point seems rendered rather insignificant if, as one might expect, that translates into a lack of sales. You could always take the snarky view that no one's buying the Go anyway, but failure or not, Sony is still in the business of making money in the long term - something that might compel them to bring its pricing closer in line with its predecessor.

One can only assume that the cut was deliberate - To my knowledge there was no kind of "Jesus God, we're sorry" message from our dear friends across the pond - so the reasoning for the renege is unclear. It bears noting that Sony did cut the price of the PSP Go back in October, but it still stands to reason that consumers will gravitate toward the PSP-3000 which, aside from being an all-around better system (in my opinion), is considerably more affordable than its sleek, slide-y sibling. I can only assume that some sort of price cut is out there on the horizon, but in the meantime i do find a passing bit of amusement in the fact that Sony's "lapse of judgment" was rectified in a way that can only spell bad tidings for the PSP Go.


Shin Gallon said:

The PSP Go wasw a bad idea from the beginning. No physical media, sveral big developers not putting out download versions of their games (Squareenix anyone?), and the absolute worst d-pad ever (seriously, it's worse than the stock Sony d-pad, something I thought impossible), and a flimsy, "this will break if you look at it funny" design.
I get the feeling that the Go could be $75 and it'd still be a tough sell. I certainly wouldn't be interested, even at that price. It's pretty much the worst thing Sony's ever put out.

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Shin Gallon on Sony Cuts Price Of PSP Go, Subsequently Reneges: The PSP Go wasw a bad idea from the beginning. No physical media, sveral big developers not putting out download...

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