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S.O.S. Gamers Standing In Line For Charity


The 3DS doesn't go on sale until midnight tonight, but as of this afternoon, there was already a line forming outside of the Best Buy in Union Square where Nintendo is holding its official launch event. And right at the front of the line was a group from S.O.S. Gamers, who use interactive entertainment to raise money for charity. And right now, there's no charity more important than relief efforts in Japan.

So right now, S.O.S. Gamers is conducting a 3DS charity giveaway where a $5 donation will enter you in a contest to win one of the 3DSes they're going to pick up when it goes on sale at midnight. All the proceeds collected will go to Save The Children. They're also teaming up with Isaiah TriForce Johnson (that's him with the Power Glove), who has issued the TriForce Tetris DS Charity Challenge. If you can beat his record of 1,202,000 or if you're the person who comes closest to beating it by 7pm Saturday night, you'll also win a 3DS!

If you're heading over to Best Buy to get in line, you can find them at the front of the line and donate/enter in person. Or if you're just in the area but aren't crazy enough to stand out in the cold for hours, you could still swing by and donate/enter anyway. Also, you can visit their website and click the "Donate" button to also be entered for a chance to win. Or you could just donate directly to Save The Children!


Nectan said:

Lesson learned, when Wootini posted, check it out right away. I missed it, ouch.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Nectan on S.O.S. Gamers Standing In Line For Charity: Lesson learned, when Wootini posted, check it out right away. I missed it, ouch....

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