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The Weinstein Company Is Getting Its Video Game On


The Weinstein Company, the famous break-away from Disney Studios (back in the day the Weinsteins ran the Miramax brand) that also controls Dimension Films, has announced that it has formed a branch to produce video games, appropriately titled "TWC Games". This new company is formed in partnership with Beefy Games, and will use their programming and development talent to leverage the extensive Weinstein catalogue. While the film properties mentioned in the announcement do sound interesting - Halloween and Hellraiser in particular (hopefully they leave the Scary Movie franchise in the grave...) - they're all from the Dimension Films roster. Here's hoping that TWC Games can tap in to some of the story-writing talent that has fashioned the distributer's long list of Weinstein Company Oscar bait.

Come to think of it, why not go off the beaten path a bit? What about a Grand Theft Auto-style Grindhouse game, or an adaptation of A Single Man à la Heavy Rain? Heck, what about a mash-up between Crazy Taxi and Transamerica? (Okay, maybe those last two are a bit too much.)

All joking aside, the Weinstein Company is known for backing oddball and hard-to-categorize properties. I can't imagine trying to propose movies like The Mist, Transamerica, or Mrs. Henderson Presents to a room full of typical Hollywood execs, but the Weinsteins picked them up and put them into theatres. If they can bring some of that lateral thinking to their foray in to the games industry you can colour me excited.

[Image credit: Tom Ford/The Weinstein Company; P.S. It is not meant to imply in any way that there will, in fact, be an adaptation of A Single Man. In fact, I'm pretty sure that would never, ever work.]


McDannie said:

So I take it you made that graphic? It's both hilarious and fitting.

Since I actually could kind of see A Single Man as being an arty point-and-click adventure/sim game. It'd be from the perspective of that hot/creepy kid from About a Boy and Skins trying to work his way into his Professor's life.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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McDannie on The Weinstein Company Is Getting Its Video Game On: So I take it you made that graphic? It's both hilarious and fitting. Since I actually could kind of see...

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