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Video: PlayStation Move Heroes Launches To Crossover Glory

For a week that's practically dripping with anticipation over the new 3DS, there hasn't been much said about the other titles gracing us during this launch period. Early adopters of Nintendo's new handheld will be all atwitter about its new features next week, but for early adopters of the PlayStation Move, there's been a considerable drought of Move-only titles since the system's launch.

Who will come to the system's rescue? None other than six heroes fighting in three classic Sony worlds: Paris from Sly Cooper, Haven City from Jak II, and Metropolis from Ratchet & Clank. It may not shatter any expectations to see the next wave of Move gaming come from first-party studios, but if the above trailer is any indication, it will still be exciting. And, it's out now!

If the flurry of weapons and crowd-control combat doesn't get you pumped for PlayStation Move Heroes, then perhaps the one-liners will. After all, who's more qualified to comment on Jak's level of finesse than the agile Sly Cooper?

If you've been waiting for something to get your household Moving, then the time is now. Join a bunch of Sony mascots in a motion-controlled adventure that's practically guaranteed to make you wish you were playing Jak IV or Sly Cooper Returns!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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