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Video: Radiangames Brings Super Crossfire To Plethora Of Platforms

For those who followed my Xbox Indie game reviews, you know that two of my absolute favorites on the service were Crossfire and Crossfire 2 from solo indie developer Luke Schneider of Radiangames. If I had one complaint about those games, it would be that they were limited to the Xbox Indie game channel, hidden away from the eager hands of gamers who didn't own an Xbox 360. Well, no more, because Super Crossfire is coming soon to PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Super Crossfire features the same signature warping gameplay as the first two games, allowing you to warp between the floor and the ceiling to blast aliens through 160 waves of enemies. The upgrading mechanic from the second game returns, along with the addition of enhanced leaderboards in every mode and, for the first time, achievements to earn.

So far the release date for Super Crossfire is a tentative "coming soon," but we'll have more details as it gets closer to release. In the mean time, enjoy the above trailer with a first look at the new multiplatform release from Radiangames.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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