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Video: Rooster Teeth Let Fly With "Angry Birds" Movie Trailer

The folks behind the most commercially successful machinima ever have just unleashed their pre-April video, and fans of a certain exploding-avian touchscreen game will be either thrilled or disappointed at the news of it.

While the actual product manager for Angry Birds has titillated that they're hoping for a TV series based on the expressive cartoon birds, the team at Rooster Teeth have taken it upon themselves to blow this concept up completely. The slingshot becomes a billion-dollar military R&D expense, the pigs become an even more passive force than in the actual game, and they even manage to squeeze in some unnecessary action sequences and obvious romantic set-ups between a female lead.

For a spoof video, the CG is actually quite shiny, with some believable - if creepy - models of the Birds themselves. The more epic parts of the video also include some nice wide-angles of what the US sargent calls "fortresses made of wood, glass, stone--sometimes there's dice, or maybe dominoes, I don't really know, somethin' with numbers on it."

So while it's definitely not a real thing, it's still a great distraction for the next two-and-a-quarter minutes. Click above if you're ready to face the question, "is this just some sort of game to you?!"

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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