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Walmart Offering Extending Its Low, Low Prices To PS3/Move


All jibes aside, this is an excellent opportunity for those on a limited budget. Walmart is selling the PS3/Move bundle for $350, which includes a copy of Sports Champions for your "active gaming" enjoyment. The bundled PS3 is the 320 GB model, offering you plenty of space for your myriad of save games, downloadable titles, and even those newfangled HD movies and television shows. The 320 GB PS3 typically sells for $400, so essentially you're getting the Move for free -- and even though it hasn't exactly taken off yet, it's worth keeping around, especially for the low, low price of "nothing." Granted you'll most likely end up spending fifty bucks on ice packs to nurse that wounded shoulder after a rousing game of table tennis, but that impressive physique isn't going to build itself.


And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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