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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

This week in Narnia went by with nary a hiccup. I mean, there was the usual silliness, and someone else started getting restless, but overall, it was nice and peaceful. I mean, aside from Marcel's slightly murderous intentions... at least he didn't have an axe! He didn't kill anyone anyway, so it was a subdued time. Then again, compared to last week's Festivale, anything would be quieter!


Pippy was going on about how easy it is to use the camera, even though I clearly already know. I guess she's never seen this website, because without the camera, it would be awfully boring to read these diary entries! I'm really hoping that the new town I'm moving into later this year allows photography. It would be a shame not to be able to document my adventures there too!

Oh, and Pippy, if I see any trendy boys, I'm taking pictures for myself! (And then getting their numbers!)


Seriously, Marcel was on a roll this week. When not threatening people with shovels, he decided to turn himself into "Fashion Lad" (no, seriously, that's what he called himself) and offer up sartorial advice. Even without the crazy eyes, I wouldn't have listened to this one, though. Food should be eaten, not worn! What would Gracie think?!


Wendell showed up in town again this week, and while I usually ignore him and Sahara now, I had heard recently that if you feed him something other than a fish, you can get a different unique pattern. Being a walrus, I always just assumed he would only want fish, and the rarer the fish, the better the pattern he would give you. But it turns out that if you feed him a birthday cake (which I had a third one sitting around now, so I didn't mind giving it up), he'll give you a self-portrait! Sure, I would've liked him to do my portrait, but it's still a lovely piece of art I can display in my home! He looks so distinguished! (Not like the shlubby Wendell who wanders into town periodically... Guess that's how he sees himself!


Daisy approached me later in the week to tell me she was feeling restless and needed a change. You know, the kind of change you can only get by moving to another town. Maybe it's because I kind of understand where she's coming from, but I totally didn't try to stop her from leaving. Oh, Diary, I hope you don't think I'm a bad person, but I totally told her to follow her heart. (Honestly, I never got attached to Daisy, so I don't care if she goes — maybe we'll get someone super-awesome in exchange!)


In the interest of changing things up, I thought it was about time to replace that shabby New Year's shirt that I've been wearing since January. How boring is that? Anyway, The Able Sisters were selling a lovely gelato shirt, so I totally bought it for a nice spring look. I just like the colors. Maybe I should look for a hat or something to go with it... Gracie did tell me last week I should learn to accessorize more!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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