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You Got Celebrity Crazy In My Animal Crossing

(You got Animal Crossing in my Charlie Sheen!)

So, this is not your regularly scheduled Animal Crossing Diary - Wootini's dashing visage will most likely grace your GayGamer-focused browser later today. For now, it's time to revel in the madness--the sheer, intrepid chaos--that comes when you take something as nice and straightforward as Animal Crossing and taint it with the addled, furious pseudo-language of the first aging star to go supernova in the Twitter age.

If you're not the kind to spend your waking hours keeping up with celebrities (and why would you, really? I mean, who does that), then you might not know what millions of meme-generators already know: when someone as into-himself and drugged-up as Charlie Sheen has reason to be angry, and finds himself backed into a corner... brilliant word candy comes flowing forth from his mouth. A selection of choice quotes is not tough to find, but what's more amusing is the internet's ability to take what could be the simple ramblings of a rehab-free manic and create glorious pieces of art.

You may have already seen Charlie Sheen Quotes Presented By Adorable Bunnies, and I'm particularly fond of G4's presentation of the actor as designing the most perfect videogame from his own harrowed time battling inferior producers.

But all that pales in comparison to the growing Tumblr account: Charlie Sheen Crossing. Herein you will find the accompanying pictures, and much more - and, as promised, they all blend the innocent and indulgent cities of Animal Crossing with the instant-classic Sheen quotes that will continue to amuse netizens for hours to come - at least, until another celebrity comes along and does something even weirder.

Granted, the Tumblr hasn't updated recently, but rest assured that there are still plenty of utterly classy things Mr. Sheen has said that would go beautifully with our favorite Wii wonderland. If that's your thing, I mean. Personally, I would never waste my time watching celebrities (even if it does end in picturesque hilarity)!



hal said:

This is my new favourite site.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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hal on You Got Celebrity Crazy In My Animal Crossing: This is my new favourite site....

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