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Audio File Friday 'Flipboitamidles'


Pull yourself away from the Royal Wedding news for a minute, because it's Audio File Friday. Harry > William anyway

Now can I just say that I love living in a world where social networking is everything? Especially for an audiophile like me who spends most of his time prowling the net for new jams to expand my iTunes library with. It's easier than ever to find fresh new music thanks to indie music blogs, sites like Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and of course the old go to for pretty much everything: Youtube.

Yet again I've come across a talented young music maker on the video sharing internet pillar and this time around it's mash-up DJ Flipboitamidles who I have a sneaking suspicion is a bit of a Square Enix fan.

And I'll give you three guesses as to why.

From his official website:

My name is Benedict Tamidles and I am a filipino. And I guess my DJ name is Flipboitamidles. I am 19 years old. I've been making remixes for at least five years now with my first remix of Gimme More by Britney Spears mashed with Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake. I listen to all kinds of music, from hip-hop, to rap, to indie, to video games, and even classical. The programs that I use to make my remixes are Sony Vegas and Sony Sound Forge. I also use FL Studio to make beats. Well that basically sums up about me! -- flipboitamidles

The first track I heard from Benedict's repertoire was this lovely mash-up of fan favorite songstress Utada Hikaru and reformed bad boy Eminem.

Combining the Kingdom Hearts theme song with the Grammy nominated chart topper makes a surprising amount of sense once you sit down to think about it. Thematically the songs represent two very different relationships, two diverging pathways. Where Utada's Simple and Clean reflects on a fear of commitment and a love that could have been if not for fear, Eminem's Love the Way You Lie reflects on a relationship all too close, one that can't end despite reaching the point of abuse.

I only wish one of Eminem's verses, arguably some of the best in his career, had made it into Mr. Tamidles' mash-up. I wonder how this mix would've been with Eminem's verses and Utada's refrains? The songs really do compliment each other, and I would've loved to see more lyrical mash-up-ing.

And the Kingdom Hearts lovin' doesn't end with that mix. Here's Utada mashed up with that guy everyone loves to hate: Kanye West.

The first thing I think of is how they still haven't started working on Kingdom Hearts 3 in place of the deep bass line Love Lockdown is known for is the instrumental of Utada's Passion (known outside of Japan as Sanctuary) which gives the song a decidedly more melancholy feel. The music of Passion goes in so many different directions and breathes new air into Kanye's hit. The anthem becomes more of a ballad, with Utada's snippets 'My heart's a battle ground' and 'I need more affection than you know' (albeit reversed) creating a call and response with Kanye's feelings of uncertainty with his relationship.

Now before you think his work is nothing but pretentious commentary on relationships don't worry, all the pretense is coming from me. Testament to a good song is getting people to think about what it's saying, even beyond the lyrics, so even if my ideas are completely off it can't be said that there wasn't any intelligence going into these mash-ups.

And Mr. Tamidles isn't afraid to have a little fun, either.

Here's a mash-up of Kid Cudi's Make Her Say with a beat sampling Nobuo Uematsu's legendary Final Fantasy victory anthem.

What we get here is an awesome beat that just plain sounds good, but upon further inspection you get a bit of a naughty joke thrown in. I happen to play the victory theme every time I make a dude say Oh tbqh


So, clearly this guy loves him some Square Enix but he's an out and out lover of all music genres; the guy's got some truly inspired mash ups that run the gamut. My personal favorite is this dope mash-up of Kirsten Chenoweth and Kanye West.

If you're familiar with the Broadway Musical Wicked, Kanye West's ego, or both you'll be sure to enjoy:

Musical theatre!? aww, he's kept the gays in mind.

Be sure to check out all of Flipboitamidles mixes on both his youtube channel and his official website where you can download away.

So go grab a couple of Mr. Tamidles' mixes to last you this weekend, I'm sure there's at least one that's up your alley. Need a suggestion of where to start? His monthly mixes are epic and need to be enjoyed.

And with social networking in mind, if you like what you hear go check out his facebook page and follow him on twitter. The usual.

I'll see you all back here next month/week for yet more awesome gaming music. Enjoy the rest of your April, and see you on the other side.

And as always, if you've any suggestions for artists who create gaming-themed music that you think I should write up be sure to let me know!


Lucrece said:

Ugh, WHY? Why put Hikaru with that homophobic pondscum that is Eminem. Orson Scott Card makes a pretty good writer, but we don't see gays clamoring to see any contributions from him into our favorites.

Better Mr. Imma Let You Finish with Hikaru!

Keith said:

Not good.

Waffle said:

Welp. I liked it!

Thanks for introducing me to this artist! Most mash-up djs slip up more often than not, but this guy is pretty much on point.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Waffle on Audio File Friday 'Flipboitamidles': Welp. I liked it! Thanks for introducing me to this artist! Most mash-up djs slip up more often than not,...

Keith on Audio File Friday 'Flipboitamidles': Not good....

Lucrece on Audio File Friday 'Flipboitamidles': Ugh, WHY? Why put Hikaru with that homophobic pondscum that is Eminem. Orson Scott Card makes a pretty good writer,...

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