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BIT.TRIP Saga Launches Commander Video Onto 3DS


If you live in the past--say, April 2011--then you have a pretty rough time of it. You see, Gaijin Games had been producing these pretty amazing rhythm-action-reflex games known as the BIT.TRIP series, which had unfurled one at a time on WiiWare circa early 2009. Someone of that bygone era would not only have to buy these games individually, but also load up their Wii anytime they wanted to play any of them (or Steam platform if they only wanted to play the first two). It was a hard life, but I guess those beleaguered folks made do, because everything from BIT.TRIP Beat to Runner to Flux received critical praise and acclaim. These games were chosen for WiiWare in part because tilting the remote felt the most like using a paddle controller from the earliest home consoles--which themselves also inspired the series' retro art-style and chiptune soundtracks.

In the glorious future, we have no such petty restrictions on our enjoyment of everything BIT.TRIP. For, you see, Gaijin and Aksys Games teamed up to bring us all six games in the rhythmic trippy miniseries: Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Flux, and Fate, in one attractive package: BIT.TRIP Saga for Nintendo 3DS. Yes, the artistic cacophony of 8-bit graphics enhanced by trippy visuals wrapped in the delicious 3D effect at you have allowed us to coin a new term in the future: 'joyxtaposition.' (English scholars with minors in Gaming are still debating how that should be spelled, actually, so employ its sibilants at your own risk.)

Sadly, the Time Lords won't let me say exactly when this great invention will be available to your kind, but know that it can't be too far off, since Gaijin has been working on it since October of 2010. When pressed for a release date at the time, lead artist Mike Roush wisely noted, "The smart company would put [the game] out near launch, let's put it that way."

Practically a prophet, that one...? Anyhow, enjoy BIT.TRIP Saga whenever it graces your 3DS', and good luck with the radioactive sea monsters this summer.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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