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DC & EverQuest Cosplayers Unite! Fan Faire Registration Is Open


In case you hadn't heard, every year Sony Online Entertainment throws a fan-service bash for its MMO players, appropriately titled Fan Faire. This year it's in Las Vegas from July 7-9 and, as usual, there's a lot of swag available for attendees, including expansion packs and in-game items. Fan Faire is not just a chance for players to meet, but also to attend panels and forums with the people behind the scenes of the games they play. This year's featured games include DC Universe Online, Everquest & Everquest II, and Magic: The Gathering - Tactics.

Not only does Fan Faire encourage people to dress up, it sounds like a great chance for cosplay aficionados to strut their stuff. After all, any gaming party that comes with the warning

Unfortunately, the hotel does not allow weapons (steel, wood, or any other simulated weapon that may pose a danger to yourself or someone else) in any public area.

sounds like one hell of a time. (Too bad I don't live anywhere near Las Vegas...)

The registration site is here. It would be great to have a strong gaymer presence there.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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