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Faint Whisperings Of Portal 2 DLC


With the return of GlaDOS and her cold, yet amusingly offbeat ways -- not to mention Wheatley and all his British charm -- the whimsical romp that is Portal 2 has captured the attention of little boys and girls of the gaming sphere, while reminding us that while science can be fun, it can also lead to untimely (but valuable from a research standpoint) death. Despite receiving rave reviews from critics, the game received some negative feedback from gamers. Much of it was regarding the "Potato Sack" ARG, leaving some gamers feeling duped by the implied prospect of an early release, and user reviews to reveal some grievances against the length of the single-player campaign -- it is worth noting, however, that the game contained a co-op campaign. But rest easy, disgruntled gamers, because the first Portal 2 DLC pack is coming this summer -- and more importantly, it's free for both PC and console platforms. The pack is reported to contain, according to VG247, "new test chambers, leaderboards, a challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more," bringing it with it the prospect of some extra longevity for the title. Valve is planning to release further details in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes and ears open!


Valve hemmed and hawed for free DLC for XBL users, but all it really needed to do was make that DLC free for PSN users and Microsoft got right on board with the idea.

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theblackgecko on Faint Whisperings Of Portal 2 DLC: Valve hemmed and hawed for free DLC for XBL users, but all it really needed to do was make that...

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